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Method of frequency-resonance therapy at mastitis in cows at milk farms

UDC 637.116

Lyubimov V.E.

Summary. Udder health of dairy cows has an important impact on the economic efficiency of milk production. The work relates to the new direction of the theory and applications of biological machine systems at the intersection of artificial intelligence, bionics, veterinary medicine and animal husbandry. Mastitis of dairy cows is the great problem in milking husbandry. The research of new method of therapy of the bovine mastitis by use of modulated high frequency field with autonomic device to the affected quarter for 6-96 hours without problems for machine milking and cows' freedom. So, prophylaxis, treatment and lactation stimulation by new device are very actually. At ordinary milking farms or with milking robots there are many factors causing mastitis a significant specific related to the maintenance: shape and sizes of udder teats and the udder shape, condition of vacuum, wndition of milk rubber, possible movements of the animal in heat and fowling or in the process of service, etc., which significantly complicates the treatment of the disease. The autonomous electromechanical device proposed by the author for the prevention and treatment of mastitis is efficient, electrically safe, ergonomic, simple and reliable in operation and affordable for an ordinary dairy farm, quickly paid back, has a proven high therapeutic effect - reduces inflammation of the udder, restores milk secretion and reduces the increased number of somatic cells in the milk samples. The impact of an electromechanical device occurs, regardless of the position of the cow and it is proposed for use in the conditions of an industrial dairy farm without disturbing the physiological status of the cows.

Keywords: mastitis of dairy cows, autonomic safe electric device, regular extracting of udder contents, modulated high frequency field, lactation stimulation, resonance physiology active frequencies, applicator for udder prophylaxis and treatment of cows mastitis, device for fixation.


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Author affiliation: Lyubimov Viktor E., Ph.D. in Biology, All-Russia Research Institute of Mechanization for Agriculture; 2, 1-y Veshnyakovsky pas., Moscow, 109456; e-mail: - responsible for correspondence with the editorial board.


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