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Osteosynthesis at pelvic injuries in toy-breed dogs

DOI 10.33861/2071-8020-2020-32-33

Antonov N.I.

Summary. Pelvic injuries account for 16 to 25% of all skeletal trauma in small pets. Small dogs as companion dogs are now widespread. Unusual exterior and behavioral features have made them popular and at the same time vulnerable in the modern urban environment. The author defined the nature of injuries and adapted technique of transosseous osteosynthesis for the treatment of toy-breed dogs with pelvic trauma. The study of the X-rays in 226 dogs with pelvic injuries demonstrated that toy-breed dogs accounted for 16% of the total. Multiple pelvic trauma was revealed in 95% of them. Surgical treatment was performed in 24 dogs, conservative one - in 13, that amounted to 65% and 35%, respectively. Surgical treatment consisted in open juxtaposing of fragments and focal transosseous and/or internal osteosynthesis with subsequent external fixation using devices of various designs. The external structures were of three types: half-ring support or U-shaped staple, pair of parallel curved plates connected by two threaded rods with each other, and pair of curved plates located bilaterally on both sides of the pelvis and connected by two threaded rods with the help of threaded ends. The terms of fixation for pelvic injuries in toy-breed dogs at the age under one year were 42 days on the average, and in the dogs at the age above one year - 60 days. Surgical treatment in toy-breed dogs with pelvic injuries was performed more often in comparison with conservative one. Pelvic trauma was accompanied by pronounced pain shock. The osteosynthesis techniques used in toy-breed dogs are little traumatic and not limiting functions thereby contributing to recovery of all the structures of pelvis and pelvic limbs.

Keywords: toy-breed dogs, toy terrier, Yorkshire terrier, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, pelvic injuries, fracture, fragments, needles, external fixation, osteosynthesis.


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Author affiliation:

Antonov Nikolay I., Ph.D. in Biology, scientific researcher of the experimental laboratory of the National Medical Center for Traumatology and Orthopaedics named after academician G.A. Ilizarov of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation; 6, M. Ulyanova st., Kurgan, 640014; phone: 8-3522-45-41-71; e-mail: - responsible for correspondence with the editorial board.


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