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Development and implementation of scientifically based technology of treatment of parasitoses of horses herd keeping in conditions of Yakutia

DOI 10.33861/2071-8020-2020-3-12-14

Kokolova L.M., Gavrilieva L.Yu., Yakovleva S.S.

Summary. The article presents the regularities of the epizootic process of parasitosis of horses with herd content of horses in Yakutia. In the long process of tebenevka reduction of fatness of horses can lead to the disruption of their normal functioning, deteriorates the ability of tebenevka, reduced immunity, observed in mares abortion. The authors point out that in the best case, stallions can lose up to 10-12% over the winter, and mares up to 20-22% of the weight gained by them after summer feeding, to prevent the strong impact of cold factors of tebenevka on the body of animals, a scientifically based technology of complex therapy, with the organization of feeding, is recommended. The authors confirm that the factor providing intensive contamination of pastures by eggs and invasive larvae of helminths is the crowded content providing powerful growth of extensiveness and intensity of invasion in all livestock of horses lack of planned preventive and therapeutic deworming.

Keywords: horses of herd keeping, climate, helminths, conditions, Yakutia, introduction, technology, treatment, feeding.


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Author affiliation:

Gavrilieva Lyubov Yu., Ph.D. in Veterinary Medicine, senior scientific researcher of the laboratory of helminthology of the Yakut Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture; 23/1, Bestuzheva-Marlinskogo st., Yakutsk, 677001; phone: 8-924-1681395; e-mail:

Yakovleva Svetlana S., post-graduate student of the laboratory of helminthology of the Yakut Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture; 23/1, Bestuzheva-Marlinskogo st., Yakutsk, 677001; phone: 8-924-6627492; e-mail:

Responsible for correspondence with the editorial board: Kokolova Lyudmila M. , D.Sc. in Veterinary Medicine, chief scientific researcher of laboratory of helminthology of the Yakut Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture; 23/1, Bestuzheva-Marlinskogo st., Yakutsk, 677001; phone: 8-924-3003816; e-mail:


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