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Concentration of total protein in chickens’ blood under different level of threonine ration

Radul A.P.


The article discusses the changes in the concentration of total protein and albumin in blood serum of chickens on 12 and 22-day age of egg cross UK Kuban 456 under the influence of various levels of imbalance of amino acids in the diet produced by a deficiency (60% and 25%) of the limiting amino acid threonine and feeding by a monograin ration. At chickens receiving sterns with 25 % deficiency of amino acid threonine quantity of the total protein and albumins in blood serum raises. At chickens receiving sterns with 60 % deficiency of amino acid threonine and feeding by a monograin ration the amount of total protein and albumin in serum decreases. Water content in the tissues of the body had inverse dependence with the total protein of a blood.

Key words: threonine, chickens, total blood protein, albumins, amino acids imbalance, humidity of tissues.


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Responsible for correspondence with the editorial board: Radul Aleksey P., Ph. D. in Biology, docent of the department of physiology and feeding of agricultural animals of the Kuban State Agrarian University; 135/25, Rozhdestvenskaya naberezhnaya st., Krasnodar, 350089; phone: 89183237612;


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